Convenience and Luxury in the Lincoln Nautilus

Convenience and luxury are effortlessly combined in the new Lincoln Nautilus. This new luxury crossover is designed to make your life easier. Whether you're hauling groceries home or trying to find your vehicle in the dark, the Nautilus has you covered.

The Nautilus uses a wireless key FOB instead of a traditional key. The FOB communicates with the vehicle each time you approach. It can confirm your identity and provide access without even having to take it out of your pocket. One of the neat ways the new Nautilus takes advantage of this technology is with the welcome lights. When you walk up to the crossover, the exterior lights up. The Nautilus even projects a mat on the ground for you to find your way.

The hands-free liftgate is another great feature you can get on your Nautilus at Bergey's Lincoln. To unlock and open the liftgate, simply hover your foot below the rear bumper. If the key FOB is in your pocket or bag, it'll provide access to the cargo area.



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