Keep Passengers Happy With an In-tune Suspension System

If you regularly carry passengers in your vehicle, their comfort is probably one of your concerns. If your car's suspension is out of shape, your friends, family members, co-workers, or customers may be far from comfortable. Fortunately, this issue is easily fixed with a timely and thorough suspension system inspection.

Here at our Lincoln service location in Lansdale, in addition to inspections, we perform a variety of suspension-related services that include repairs and replacements. Our inspection list includes an extensive selection of your suspension components, including these critical ones:

  • Upper and Lower Control Arms: If you have a double-wishbone configuration, your control arms form the backbone of this assembly.
  • Bushings: Your bushings isolate vibrations from road-impacts, and are vital to both your comfort and the health of your suspension and motor.

If you crave a smoother, more controlled ride, contact us at Bergey's Lincoln to schedule a visit and suspension system check.

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