Discover the Intelligent Lincoln MKC

Modern vehicles need to keep up with smart technology. The Lincoln MKC does this thanks to a suite of optional features. The popular crossover uses numerous sensors to detect your presence at any hour.

When you approach your sleek and stylish Lincoln MKC at night, the crossover will do a lot to make sure that you get in safely. The vehicle can detect the key fob from up to eight feet away. As you approach, exterior lighting will start to illuminate. The door handles will light up so that you don't have to fumble trying to find your way in. Not only that, but the Lincoln logo will shine on the ground on both the driver and passenger sides. This unique lighting acts as a mat and shows you where you need to go.

Test out the smart features of the Lincoln MKC yourself by visiting us at Bergey's Lincoln. We'll set you up for a test drive at your leisure.



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