Why Does a Battery Need to be Tested?

Car batteries are like any other running component of your vehicle. They have a life expectancy. Over the years, technology has extended the life expectancy of car batteries. However, no amount of technological advances have shown a way to build a battery that lasts forever.

Most drivers ignore the battery. Drivers believe that if the car starts, then the battery must be okay. Unfortunately, that is not a true assumption. Good batteries hold a charge of 12.6 volts, which is reduced when the battery is tapped to start your vehicle. The alternator resupplies the battery power once your car is running. The poles of the battery eventually lose integrity and cannot hold the voltage supplied by the alternator. When this happens, your battery loses its ability to hold a charge.

Replace batteries no longer capable of holding a charge at the auto parts shop here at Bergey's Lincoln in Lansdale.

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