2018 MKZ Hybrid Has Adaptive Comfort

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid works with you to provide the ideal ride and handling. The Adaptive suspension adjusts the firmness of the suspension to offer a selection to match your preferences. The system uses an array of sensors, and it works automatically to adjust the suspension to your driving style. The MKZ has a manual selection control for the suspension with settings for comfort, sport, and normal driving conditions.

Lansdale owners will appreciate the Adaptive Noise Control feature. This advanced cabin comfort system emits a white sound through the speakers in response to cabin noise. The noise canceling sound waves keep the cabin quiet while operating at high speeds or windy conditions.

At Bergey's Lincoln, we have knowledgeable staff standing by to show the latest features on the MKZ Hybrid. Drop by and see the innovations in power, handling, and connectivity. We invite you to take a test drive and experience the 2018 MKZ first-hand.

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