Perhaps, you might be in a dilemma, not knowing the difference between winter tires and all-season tires. Of course, the two are not the same, and they both have unique features that make them adaptable to specific weather changes. Keep reading as we reveal the significant differences between these two tires.

Winter Tires

They are also known as snow tires. These tires are specifically designed for use on ice and snowy roads. Winter tires are made with treads that have larger gaps than those of all-season tires. This adaptable feature helps to increase traction on icy roads. Winter tires are also optimized to withstand temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.

All-Season Tires

?These types of tire are much stiffer than winter tires, which reduces their grip on ice and snow. Although they have grown in popularity, all-season tires are not ideal for everyone. Despite their name, all-season tires are not designed for areas that receive frequent snows and low temperatures.


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