The Sophisticated Lincoln MKX

If you want a vehicle that will turn heads and attract attention wherever you go, take a look at the new Lincoln MKX. This highly sought-after crossover is available at Bergey's Lincoln. You can get it with impressive luxury features that stand out from the crowd.

One of the most unique features is the welcome lighting. The MKX uses a wireless key FOB for entry. It communicates with the car each time you approach. This technology is used in a couple of different ways. The welcome lighting system creates a show for you when you approach the MKX. The exterior lights flash and a light mat with the recognizable Lincoln logo is projected on the ground in front of you.

The FOB also controls the side mirrors. When you lock your crossover and walk away, the side mirrors automatically fold in for protection. When it's time to go again, they'll fold out and give you a clear view of your rear.



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