How You Can Take a Road Trip on a Budget

With the warm weather finally upon us, many people will be taking vacations and road trips. At Bergey’s Lincoln, we want you to be able to enjoy your road trip without having to worry about spending a fortune. There are many ways you can take an enjoyable road trip and still stay within your budget.

  • Schedule the Days – Decide how long you’ll be gone and determine the number of lodging and eating days.
  • Make Your Budget – Know how much you have to spend and divide it by the number of days you’ll be gone.
  • Fuel Expenses – Determine miles you’ll travel and mpg you get on your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Checkup – Have your vehicle checked out prior to leaving.
  • Miscellaneous – Extra funds can be allotted for fun.

Don’t spend so much time planning your road trip that you forget to actually take it. Stop at our dealership in Lansdale, PA and allow us to service your vehicle.

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