Technology and Safety in the New Lincoln Nautilus

Cruise control is a nice feature when you’re navigating the roadways of Landsdale, PA, but what if this technology could do more for you? The New Lincoln Nautilus answers that question with the new adaptive cruise control program. This is a program that allows you to use cruise control on long roads while also allowing the car to brake and accelerate for you based on traffic patterns.

It’s smart technology in your vehicle. Furthermore, your vehicle is also going to stay in the correct lane using the same smart technology. We can show you how your car uses its new lane-centering program to keep you where you need to be when you visit Bergey’s Lincoln to see for yourself.

Sensors all over the car help you stay in place by shifting your wheels without your assistance. This is driving made simple, but it’s also driving made quite safe. The new Lincoln lineup is one that focuses on technology and safety as a whole.

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