Our Bergey's Lincoln team boasts its fair share of tech geeks, and Apple CarPlay is their newest obsession. This nifty app bridges your iPhone and your car's in-cabin tech features, making your phone part of the overall package. The app also works in cars by every single major automobile manufacturer.

Hands-Free Everything

One of CarPlay's many strong suits is how it lets you do hands-free everything with your phone. The app comes with Siri voice control, so you can pretty much ask or do anything without lifting a finger: get directions, listen to voicemail, dictate and send text messages, or jam to your playlist as you cruise to work through Lansdale.

Major Compatibility

?CarPlay's other major plus is its ability to play nice with Android-based apps. You can invite along any other app you prefer to complete specific tasks, such as Google Maps for navigation or Google Play Music to rock a passenger's favorite tunes. Experience Apple CarPlay in action today with a quick, fun test drive at our dealership.


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