What can drivers do to identify, and even prevent, things like oversteer and understeer? Bergey's Lincoln in Lansdale, PA wants its local drivers to be more educated on these steering issues. With regard to identifying the two, motorists can simply ask themselves a question about the conditions under which they lost traction. Did your front or rear wheels lose traction first?

If your answer to that question was the front wheels, then understeer was the problem. Oversteer was the issue, however, if you answered that the rear wheels were the ones that lost their traction first. Additionally, there is a strong connection between understeer and front-wheel drive cars as well between rear-wheel-drive cars and oversteer.

With this information in mind, you may be curious is there is a way to potentially make your chances of going through understeer or oversteer lower. Slowing down, especially near corners, is one precaution that you can take.

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