Part of vehicle maintenance involves replacing wearable parts such as gaskets. If you have been told it is time to replace gaskets, you may be wondering what these parts are. Here is some information we think you'll find useful.

Gaskets are custom-sized pieces of rubber designed to ensure a tight fit between two parts. They protect your car's components by creating a seal that safeguards against leaks and reduces friction. Gaskets can be found on a number of parts, including your engine, transmission, and exhaust system.

The gaskets themselves undergo constant wear and tear. They are also exposed to high temperatures as well as a variety of automotive fluids. These factors can cause them to break down over time. Accordingly, your gaskets could need replacing even if the parts they sit on are still in good condition. We recommend replacing gaskets according to the manufacturer's schedule or whenever they become worn, cracked, or otherwise compromised.

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