If you hear a big pop and start having difficulties controlling your vehicle, you might have a blown-out tire. Being in this situation can be scary because you could end up in an accident. At Bergey's Lincoln in Lansdale, we want you to be safe, and we're glad to be able to share a couple of tips to help you avoid one.

One of the first things that you can do to avoid a tire blowout is to check over your tires. Look for any damage, such as deep scratches on the walls of your tires from running over a curb. You should also make sure that your tires aren't cracking and dry.

You should also be aware of your tire pressure. If your tires are overinflated, you might be making it more likely that you'll have a tire that will blow out. While you don't want them to be underinflated, overinflated tires can be under more pressure, which can cause a blowout.


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