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Discover the Intelligent Lincoln MKC

Modern vehicles need to keep up with smart technology. The Lincoln MKC does this thanks to a suite of optional features. The popular crossover uses numerous sensors to detect your presence at any hour.

When you approach your sleek and stylish Lincoln MKC at night, the crossover will do a lot to make sure that you get in safely. The vehicle can detect the key fob from up to eight feet away. As you approach, exterior lighting will start to illuminate. The door handles will light up so that you don't have to fumble trying to find your way…

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The Continental Makes It Easy to Maintain Your Vehicle

The Lincoln Continental is among the most popular luxury cars that a person can buy from the Bergey's Lincoln dealership. It offers adaptive headlamps that will turn in the same direction that the steering wheel does. This provides additional light in the direction that the car is turning, which makes it easier to see anything that may be in the way.

The Lincoln Way app offers you the ability to make a service appointment or lock your doors with your phone. It can also make it convenient to run a diagnostic check on your vehicle using the app. 

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Performance Features of the Lincoln Navigator

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator runs on a twin turbocharged 3.5L engine. It features up to 450 horsepower, dual-point fuel injection, 510 lb-ft of torque, and electronic control. This luxury vehicle offers ambitious performance. Two of its top performance features are adaptive suspension and towing capability of 8,700 lbs.

Adaptive suspension smooths out the up-and-down motion of your vehicle while driving through bumpy terrain and other uneven road conditions. In addition to providing a more comfortable driving experience, the feature decreases stress on your vehicle. 

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Lincoln MKZ - When You Want the Most Technology

If you’re looking for a luxurious vehicle with tons of technology, check out the 2018 Lincoln MKZ. This popular midsize luxury sedan offers a whole lot of everything drivers want: safety, performance, great appearance, capability and technology from bumper to bumper. Stop at Bergey's Lincoln and see what kind of a deal we can offer.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist helps you maneuver in and out of parking spaces. When the vehicle’s ultrasonic sensors alert you of available parking spots, you touch the brake and gas pedal and the Lincoln steers itself into the spot. 

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2018 MKZ Hybrid Has Adaptive Comfort

The 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid works with you to provide the ideal ride and handling. The Adaptive suspension adjusts the firmness of the suspension to offer a selection to match your preferences. The system uses an array of sensors, and it works automatically to adjust the suspension to your driving style. The MKZ has a manual selection control for the suspension with settings for comfort, sport, and normal driving conditions.

Lansdale owners will appreciate the Adaptive Noise Control. This advanced cabin comfort system emits a white sound through the speakers in response to cabin noise.  

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The New Lincoln MKT SUV: Performance Features

Have you seen the new Lincoln MKT in action? This SUV is packed with power and delivers so much more than many of the competitors for the base price. In the base model or Premiere trim, you get a 3.7-liter engine that delivers 365-horsepower. In this version, you also get a six-seed automatic transmission. The transmission helps you control the SUV better on the roads, but it's really the Reserve trim that has drivers talking about this SUV.

Lincoln MKT made some major improvements to all of the trims, but the Reserve seems to have the most features…

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Do You Know About the Types of Spare Tires?

Perhaps you're en route to your destination, driving along just fine, and your tire goes flat. You get to the side of the road, open your trunk, and are not sure about what you see. A full-size spare tire is rare in a lot of modern vehicles, but it allows you to drive at full speed and for any distance.

Many vehicles with a spare have a compact temporary tire. These are small and made to go at low speeds of 35 to 40 mph and for distances of up to 50 miles for tire replacement. 

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Lincoln MKZ Serves up Impressive Performance Features

For years, Lincoln drivers have enjoyed their signature elegant styling, innovative technology, world class safety, and reputable reliability. And with the MKZ Hybrid, drivers of this industry-leading 4-door sedan also get to enjoy the fuel efficiency of a hybrid engine, making it an even more attractive option when looking for their next car. The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also has a long list of performance features, including things like:

  • 18" machined 5-spoke aluminum wheels 
  • 2.0-Liter Atkinson Hybrid Powertrain
  • Electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT)
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Why Does a Battery Need to be Tested?

Car batteries are like any other running component of your vehicle. They have a life expectancy. Over the years, technology has extended the life expectancy of car batteries. However, no amount of technological advances have shown a way to build a battery that lasts forever.

Most drivers ignore the battery. Drivers believe that if the car starts, then the battery must be okay. Unfortunately, that is not a true assumption. Good batteries hold a charge of 12.6 volts, which is reduced when the battery is tapped to start your vehicle. 

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Signs Your Exhaust Might be Leaking

People tend to identify the vehicle’s exhaust system solely with the muffler. The muffler is one component. The exhaust is, in fact, a complex system, that has a large effect on the overall performance of your car.

Beginning with the intake manifold, the exhaust gathers the noxious fumes from the engine’s cylinders and sends them through the exhaust system. At the catalytic converter, they’re converted into a more environmentally-friendly mixture before processing through the muffler and out the exhaust pipe. 

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